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Auditory perspectives

Sound and its reception are the subject of numerous academic disciplines as well as fine arts:
Musicians and sound artists create artifacts in sound which both influence and reflect the reception of sound on individual and societal levels. Sound as an everyday phenomenon as well as in artistic practice is explored within the interdisciplinary research field Sound Studies. Approaches from History, Cultural Studies, Art History, Sociology, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Literary and Media Studies are employed to investigate sound and the ways in which it is perceived. The importance of auditive aspects of experience within urban situations is increasingly being recognized in landscape architecture and urban planning. In an artistic-academic context, Auditive Architecture works to further our understanding of soundscapes and their design. Theories of embodiment, as developed in humanities subjects, offer new insights into perception and listening as praxis.

The section Auditory Perspectives offers a platform for these diverse approaches to phenomena of hearing and listening; the acoustic, auditory and sonic; sound design and composition. We publish artistic and academic contributions concerned with sound: as it is experienced and as a medium in creative processes. We seek research which examines, explores and questions, in experimental and artistic ways, the conditions affecting and possibilities opened up by the auditive. We invite contributors to present their questioning, methodologies and results in ways which may challenge and exceed the boundaries of text and textual representation.