E-Journal für Kunst- und Bildgeschichte
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Tina Kaiser

Dr. Tina Hedwig Kaiser studied film and arts sciences in Berlin and Lüneburg. Her master thesis "Flaneure im Film: La notte und L'eclisse von Michelangelo Antonioni" won the science award of the University Lüneburg and was published 2007 by Tectum Marburg. 2008 her PhD thesis “Aufnahmen der Durchquerung”, an analysis about moving image sequences in which a subjective camera is walking or driving, was published by Transcript Bielefeld. She works and lives as author, lecturer for universities and art schools and as film scientist in Berlin. Since 2006 she also works for independent cinema productions.

Iris Laner

Iris Laner studied philosophy, visual arts, and art education in Vienna. She graduated with a thesis on Maurice Merleau-Ponty's contribution to thinking about the aesthetic experience. With a grant for her dissertation project "Re-Visionen der Zeitlichkeit. Zur Explikation impliziter Zeitlichkeit im abstrakten Bild," she joined the Graduate Research Colloquium "Bild und Zeit" at eikones, NCCR Iconic Criticism, Basel, Switzerland in January 2009. Main areas of interest: post-classical phenomenology, post-structuralism and deconstruction; aesthetics; image theory; theory of photography; representation and abstraction.

Inga Schaub

Inga Schaub studied Cultural Analysis and pedagogy in Mönchengladbach and Amsterdam. She finished her studies with a M.A. thesis on death and photography. Since 2009, she is a Ph.D. candidate at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin where she works on a project on death and dying in contemporary art. Her project is funded by the German Academic oundation. She co-edited the book  „Welt – Bild – Theater. Politik des Wissens und der Bilder“ (2010).