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Arts Media Esthetics

Arts Media Aesthetics: Placed side by side without a link, the terms reflect the character of this section: it forms an intersection where different discussions clash and weave into one another, discussions that are commonly pursued separately. The terms art, media and aesthetics communicate ideas whose interrelationship is anything but free of collisions. Accordingly, we approach this illimitable field of artistic, medial and aesthetic phenomena from disparate perspectives.
This section sees itself as a vanishing point where the different discourses are clustered and where their contradictions as well as their convergences can be documented and mutual inspirations be investigated. We welcome contributions on the visual and performative arts, on film and photography, on literature and the "new" media, as well as on other fields in which art, media and aesthetics converge.
Authors interested in publishing in this section are invited to suggest articles at any time. Up to two special issues will be published every year. Occasionally, works of art will be recorded.