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cfp: Sounding Out the Space


An International Conference on the Spatiality of Sound, Dublin, Nov 2017

Sounding Out the Space: An International Conference on the Spatiality of

Deadline for submissions is 31 March 2017.

Date: 2–4 November 2017

Conference website: soundingout2017.com

Email: soundingout2017 -at- gmail.com

Location: Dublin School of Creative Arts, Dublin, Ireland

Keynote Speakers:
Brandon LaBelle – artist, writer and theorist
Bill Fontana – American artist and composer



Although the conference remit is broad, the committee especially encourages contributions which address (but need not be limited by) the following three strands:

Sound and Visual Art

Convergences between Sound and Visual Art/Historical Perspectives/Installation/Modes of Listening/Sound Architectures

Spatial Music

Analytical Accounts/Attempts at Definition and Theorisation/Composer Perspectives/the History of Spatial Music/Listener Perception/Performance Challenges/Sound Technologies

Geographic and Virtual Spaces

Digital Networks and Communication Technologies/Live Streaming and Web-cast/Interactivity and Participation

The committee particularly invites proposals which are interdisciplinary in nature and that aim to explore the significant exchange of ideas between the fields of sound art, visual art and music. Also welcome are collaborative proposals from academics and practitioners.

Proposals are invited in the following formats:

‒Individual Papers (20 mins duration plus 10 mins discussion)

‒Joint Papers (max 2 speakers, same format as above)

‒Themed Sessions (3 papers totaling 90 mins or 4 papers totaling 120 mins)

‒Panel and Roundtable Discussions (90 mins, max 6 speakers)