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E-Journal für Kunst- und Bildgeschichte
  • William Breazeale
  • «Un gran soggetto ma non ideale» : Caravaggio and Bellori`s legacy
  • For modern art history, the Cerasi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo has long epitomized the opposition of Annibale Carracci and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. However, it is not the paintings themselves but rather the later moral criticism of the art theorist Giovan Pietro Bellori that made Caravaggio into the anti-Annibale that we see today. The Northern Bamboccianti, obnoxiously present in mid-century Rome and successful in its art market, turned the tide against Caravaggio in Bellori’s mind:likewise painters of nature,their perceived moral degeneracy tainted the Italian’s painterly virtues by association.
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