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E-journal on Visual and Art History

CFP: Visualisierte Minderheiten (Dresden, 30-31 März 12)

Probleme und Möglichkeiten der musealen Präsentation von ethnischen bzw. nationalen Minderheiten in Zentraleuropa

Ringvorlesung: Fotografie "Aufzeigen oder Beweisen? (Köln, 19 Okt 11 – 25 Jan 12)

Die Fotografie als Kulturtechnik und Medium des Wissens

CFP: Eco-images (München, 18 - 19 Mar 12)

Altering Environmental Discussions and Political Landscapes

CFP: Image Politics: Pictur(e)ing Climate (Potsdam/Berlin, 19-20 Jan 12)

Visualizations, Imaginations, Documentations



This section examines how images, the production of knowledge and technology relate and intersect. Particular attention is paid to the specific functions and the iconography as well as to the mediality of  artistical, technological and scientific imagery.
The growing interest in images in artistic as well as in non-artistic contexts is reflected in the current research landscape: in recent years, the functions, possibilities, and dangers of the contemporary culture of images have been addressed in numerous research projects within the fields of art history, film studies and media studies and beyond. The terms “Bildwissenschaft” or “visual culture” bear witness to the proceeding differentiation of this development. It resulted in a research landscape covering a wide variety of topics and employing a methodology that is rich in contrasts.The section “Image – Knowledge – Technology” invites scholarly contributions to these topics, debates and discourses. It seeks to function as a platform on which controversial approaches, emerging questions and ambitious projects can be presented and discussed.