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ﻓﻧﻭﻦ - Transcultural Perspectives

The section funūn (arab. arts) provides a forum for transcultural research with an emphasis on the Islamic cultural sphere. Its focus lies on artistic interaction and the circulation of artefacts and forms across cultural boundaries
The concept of transculturality embraces several dimensions. It includes artistic contacts within and between so-called ‘Islamic’ societies, thus revealing the plurality of social structures and counteracting the assumption of a unitary ‘Islamic art’. Moreover, the focus on interactions between ‘East’ and ‘West’ revealing common origins, shared traditions, and continuous contacts seeks to question the assumption of hermetic cultural identities and to prompt a reconsideration of the cultural boundaries which have been established in scholarly discourse. Ultimately, the goal of this section is to contribute to a better understanding of the ‘Islamic’ arts as integral parts of global cultural developments.
The forum provides for publications in German, English and French.