Die Kunsttexte erneuern sich!

Die Zeitschrift kunsttexte.de zieht im Sommer 2020 auf die Zeitschriftenplattform von arthistoricum.net um. Sie wird weiterhin unter der bekannten Adresse erreichbar sein, jedoch technisch und gestalterisch ├╝berarbeitet auftreten.

kunsttexte.de - A journal on visual and art history

kunsttexte.de is set up as a platform for academic writing in the areas of art history and visual history, and is open to other academic disciplines in so far as they address the production and reception of art and images. Article contributions to the journal may be supplemented by illustrated essays, video and audio material. kunsttexte.de also invites artistic productions that correspond to the profile of the individual sections.

Nine thematic sections have thus far been brought together under the umbrella of kunsttexte.de. Each section is devised of its respective editors and with the support of an academic advisory board. In principle, the journal can always be expanded by adding further sections. Committed editors are welcome to join anytime!

kunsttexte.de supports the central principles of the Open Access movement; therefore all of the e-journal's publications are publicly accessible and free of charge.

Publishing with kunsttexte.de means combining the advantages and possibilities of electronic publishing with the high quality layout achieved in print media. Articles published in the e-journal adhere to the standards of printed academic publications. They are listed on the website with an abstract and are available as PDFs for reading, printing, copying, and sharing Publications are subject to a review process that is carried out by the editors with support from academic advisors. We look forward to your academic and artistic contributions!